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Partnering with Emirates Wildlife Society

The Emirates Wildlife Society (EMS) in Association with WWF are official partners to Gloria Hotels & Resorts. The partnership aims on developing support to EWS-WWF's work including environmental conservation, environmental awareness and education.

Emirates Wildlife Society is a non-profit environmental organization in the United Arab Emirates, established under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan: (Ruler’s Representative in the western region and chairman of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi). 

Since its establishment in 2001, EWS has been working in association with WWF, federally and in the region and is known as EWS-WWF. 

EWS-WWF was born out of a need to protect biodiversity in key sites across the emirates including species and ecosystems of concern in the region; raise awareness on the high UAE Ecological Footprint and contribute to policy and institutional framework to address environmental issues. 

Outside of the big cities and the hustle-bustle of the UAE’s urban areas lie a variety of different unique and delicate ecosystems, bursting with biodiversity such as plants, mammals, fish and birds. Being a coastal country, our oceans also hold valuable life forms that are part of the UAE’s history and heritage. Our species work together with EWS-WWF aims to understand the lives, threats and needs of these vulnerable/endangered species in the mountains and at sea, in hope of increasing conservation efforts towards protecting them.

Wildlife coexists with and depends on many factors and resources in close proximity to it, such as plants, other animals and water sources. All these different things can make up a habitat: the natural environment where species live. The UAE has a handful of sites where freshwater catchments are present, and where delicate ecosystems carefully support all kinds of species, from dragonflies to fish as well as endangered mammals. Some of these sites also have historical and cultural significance, as more and more evidence shows that these precious habitats have supported entire communities. We are doing our part together with EWS-WWF to ensure that these habitats and their inhabitants are properly managed, protected and conserved; and to contribute to science with our research initiatives in them.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts agreed to support EWS - WWF in certain areas:

1) Marine Conservation - including protecting regional marine species like the Marine turtle and Arabian humpback whale

2) Climate change and energy

3) Land conservation - including species conservation of the Arabian Tahr

4) Wildlife Trade Programme -  promote species conservation world wide, especially those threatened by the illegal wildlife trade such as elephants, cheetahs, rhinos and tigers