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Your March

Welcome to the special monthly selection of Gloria Hotel. For all our guests who stay longer with us, we compile monthly information to ease your stay and create a comfortable living.

Our monthly update for you includes tailored hotel promotions, city events within Dubai and hotel activities. 

We hope you enjoy our personalized service and our long term or concierge team are more than happy to assist you with any question.

Your Gloria moment

Your Gloria moment

Discover our tailored hotel offers to make your stay even more comfortable. Dive into our various selections from Food and Beverages to enlighten your stay or recreate with our dedicated fitness services.

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Explore Dubai

Explore Dubai

Explore the city you live in now. Dubai attracts many international shows, artists and entertainment. Take your opportunity in discovering your environment and city. Diverse your lifestyle activities and engage in new experiences

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Green Gloria

Green Gloria

We are dedicated to create a place for our future generation by helping our current environment and society to develop and growth. In this section you can read about our recent social activities and how we help the people of the United Arab Emirates

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Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

Every month we cooperate with our boutiques to develop a special promotion for our guests - Discover this months' deal for you.

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