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Best practices

Best Water Saving Practices of Guest Rooms

  • The guests are requested to save the water by following few best practices of the hotel
  • Place the Bed Linen card when the linen needs replacement. This will save huge quantity of water
  • Place the Towels card for replacing the towels. These save water and in turn also energy consumption also
  • The Guest are requested not waste the water by reducing the number of flushes while using the rest room
  • To run your washing machine when it is only full, you save maximum consumption of water
  • Avoid wasting water by keeping the tap open for very long interval

Best Energy Saving Practices of Guest Rooms

  • Switch of the lights and air conditioner when not in us
  • Set the room temperature of the air conditioner at 23 Celsius
  • Switch of all equipment when not in use
  • Saving water in turn will save energy
  • Keep your windows and doors closed at all time to reduce temperature and in turns save energy.

Best Waste Saving Practices of Guest Rooms

  • Waste bins are placed with two bins one in the bed room and the other one in the bathroom in order to segregate the waste
  • Recycle waste of the rooms for cans, bottles, cardboard and plastics
  • Two separate bags are used to collect general waste and the cans and plastic bottles from all the guest rooms to increase the recycle waste and measure for proper segregation
  • Replacing linen only when the guest placed the conserve card on the bed which reduces the electricity water chemical, energy and other waste
  • Installation of LED lamps in all the guest rooms
  • Encouraging guest to use 300ml shampoo and hand wash gel instead of small amenities to save packaging waste