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Emirates Environmental Group Member

Gloria Hotel has been an active member of EEG (Emirates Environmental Group) and has been actively participating in their recycling programmes over the years. Gloria Hotel has been placed amongst the Top 10 participants in EEG's recycling.

All materials collected by EEG are recycled within the UAE by different recycling partners of EEG who have collaborated with us for over two decades. 

EEG introduced the Toner Collection Campaign in 2001 and has succeeded in collecting and sending for recycling 90,640 pcs. The tonners are collected and taken to a recycling facility in Dubai which uses German technologies to first sanitize the containers, refill it, seal it and pack it to be returned to the market. The parts and content that cannot be recycled are disposed of as per Dubai Municipality rules and regulations. Gloria Hotel has been part of the participants contributing toners for recycling and the toners are recycled for use or else safely disposed.

EEG’s Glass Collection Campaign was launched in 2005 and Gloria Hotel has been an active participant collecting to ensure that materials are collected and recycled to make glass as the end product. The glass is crushed in the local facility in Jebel Ali and sold to the local glass facility to incorporate it in the production of new glass to the percentages required by international markets.