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Pillars of sustainability

 I. Environmental – to be actively involved in conserving resources, reducing pollution, conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes. The Gloria Hotels and Resorts have made the analysis of environmental impact and the measures to mitigate the environmental impact. The property will enable to protect the environment through the conservation of depleting resources and controlling the environment from pollution, reducing their carbon emissions. It takes initiatives, the steps to protect the bio-diversity, jointly with the EWS-WWF for preserving the wildlife species.


II. Socio-cultural – to be involved in corporate social responsibility actions, community development, fair trade, support local entrepreneurs, respect local communities, implement a policy against commercial exploitation, equitable hiring, employee protection and last but not least, that our business do not jeopardize the provision of basic services, such as water, energy, or sanitation to neighboring communities.


III. Quality – any activity that can sustain itself economically through creating competitive advantages within the industry with inspired service that not only meets, but exceeds guest expectations; it continues to contribute to the economic well-being of the surrounding community through local ownership, buying local products, etc. A sustainable business should benefit its colleagues, customers, business partners, owners, other stakeholders. The guest satisfaction levels are measured through the online review scores and through the mystery shopper audits.


IV. Health & Safety – Gloria Hotels and Resorts complies with all established health and safety regulations, and ensures that guest, staff and all the stake holders are well protected. Usage of safety instruments and machinery are ensured with the respective PPE required for the tasks. The training on health and safety are given to all staff and contractors. Gloria Hotels and Resorts made all initiatives for making the work environment safe and secure to all the members.